Give your shoppers bunches of fall flavor

At the California Table Grape Commission we believe that top notch research is the best foundation for driving sales at retail.  We regularly conduct and compile quantitative and qualitative research that reveals consumer buying preferences regarding grapes and what marketing tactics can boost grape sales in your department. 


Our three top-line conclusions from our latest research are:

- Grapes are the third most popular fruit on grocery lists – it makes sense to advertise them frequently.

- Front page ads produce the highest volume impact for the grape category.

- Multiple grape variety promotions produce the greatest volume lift.


Explore our research more in-depth by selecting the Consumer Research and Category Research links below.  Check out our other sections too:

- Promotional Programs - what we are doing to support your own marketing efforts. 

- Marketing Resources offers downloadable marketing tools.

- Our Retail Registered Dietitians section shares the latest on grapes and health with your in-store dietitians.

- Storage and Handling tips help you optimize your grapes.

- Our Retail Foodservice section offers tips for upgrading your deli salad and sandwich offerings with grapes.

Red, Green and Blue-Black grapes arranged on white plate