Promotion Programs to Help You Increase Grape Sales


All season long, we advertise Grapes from California with Food Network in print and on television.  We also advertise on the Cooking Channel, traffic radio and online with pre-roll videos.  Additionally, we have a number of other promotion programs that provide support for you efforts to boost grape sales, including:

- Our retail newsletter “The California Grape Report”

- Traffic radio tags

- Pre-roll video ads

- Let's Get Social monthly emails with photos and recipes to use in social media

- Integrated Food Network Promotions


Retail News "The California Grape Report":  News You Can Use

 Retail News December 2016 - Go with California Grapes through the New Year

 Retail News November 2016 – California Grapes a Fall and Winter Fruit

 Retail News October 2016 - Bunches of Fall Flavor Available

 Retail News September 2016 - Shoppers Fall for California Grapes

 Retail News August 2016 - California Grapes in Plentiful Supply

 Retail News July 2016 - California Grapes Widely Available All Summer

Retail News June 2016 - Plenty of California Grapes Available

Retail News May 2016 - The Season is Underway

Our quick-read, one-subject newsletter “The California Grape Report,” is sent out monthly during the fresh California grape season (May-January).  Each issue has one main focus, which may be an upcoming promotion, ad tagging opportunities, new retail and consumer research or a volume-increase contest.  No matter what the topic may be, you’ll find useful information about any and all promotional programs we’re conducting that can help you boost grape volume.


Traffic Radio Advertising Tags:  Get the Most Marketing Mileage on Our Buck


During the fresh California grape season (May-January) retailers have the opportunity to tag their store name onto our drive-time radio advertising campaign.  Traffic radio is available to those retailers who upgrade their ad to a front page or multiple variety grape ad.  The traffic radio tag is a 10-second announcer-read promotional message that includes mention of Grapes from California and retail chain.


To download a copy of our current traffic radio tag scripts see below:

2016 US Traffic Radio Tags

2016 US Traffic Radio Tags Grand Opening

2016 Canadian Traffic Radio Tags English

2016 Canadian Traffic Radio Tags French


Let's Get Social:  Timely Content for Your Social Media Outreach



Every month we will send you a select assortment of recipes and photos for use in your company’s social media efforts.  You will get grape recipes that are perfect for a backyard barbecue or picnic, a wedding shower luncheon or back-to-school snacking, and more.  Fresh ideas for feeding family and friends are always in demand, so go ahead and share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and beyond! 

 Let's Get Social - October 2016

 Let's Get Social - September 2016

 Let's Get Social - August 2016

 Let's Get Social - July 2016


The Food Network Integrated Marketing Program



A significant portion of the California Table Grape Commission’s Consumer Marketing Program involves advertising and promotions with The Food Network cable channel and Food Network Magazine.


There are a number of opportunities for retailers to join with us in our Food Network programs to promote grape sales.  Check with your commission representative for more details.


Here are just some of the reasons we partner with Food Network:


Food Network Cable TV


The commission chose the Food Network as the best TV network – cable or otherwise – to reach our primary grape purchasers, women between the ages of 24-54.  We advertise on the network on a regular basis.

Compelling facts about The Food Network include:

    - It’s among the top 10 cable networks.

    - It provides 100% original programming.

    - Available in over 97 million homes.


Food Network Magazine



We also place ads in Food Network Magazine, including a recipe card insert.  The magazine has been a very successful media outlet for grape promotion not only because of its large subscriber base but also for impressive newsstand sales.


Retailer tags on magazine ads are available.  Check with your commission representative for more details.


Pre-roll Video Program

Grapes from California will be featured in a number of pre-roll video spots.   These short, 15-second TV spots run on the internet prior to online video content that is relevant to primary shoppers.   Grapes from California spots will run on the sites such as Shape, Huffington Post, and Everyday Health.

Retailer tags on pre-roll videos are available.   Check with your commission representative for more details.