Grapes on Kids Menus: The Time is Ripe



Foodservice operators and chefs in every single category are helping kids and parents make healthier food choices by offering more kid-friendly fruits and vegetables and adding whole grains to menus.  Grapes from California are natural additions, because it’s a fact: kids love grapes!  That grapes are also healthy is simply a bonus that parents will love.


Here are 7 tips and ideas for adding grapes from California to your Kids’ Menus.

1. Offer grapes as an option to French fries or chips.

2. It’s OK to play with your food!  Yep, grapes are the no muss, no fuss finger-food that will keep kids happy as they wait.

3. Offer a child’s side of grapes for the reason cited above.

4. Kids love jiggly gelatin items.  Include grapes in the mix for a healthy boost.

5. How about a Kid’s Small Plate?  Fresh grapes, cheese, and crackers…simple and classic.

6. Make sure you have grapes on your salad bar – kids will actually eat them!   

7. Place halved grapes on pizza for a California twist!