Kids and Grapes:  The Time is Ripe


As a parent, you know you have a major role to play when it comes to your child’s nutrition, especially by making healthy food choices yourself and providing those same kinds of foods for your kids.  Plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins are the goal.  The key is to find great-tasting foods that are healthy, too.  The good news is that many foods, including fresh grapes, offer both of those qualities.  One thing’s for sure:  Kids love grapes, and that’s good news for you and your children’s health and well-being.  They’re also easy to prepare or add to many dishes.  What a plus!


       Grape Kabobs with Honey PB Dip                    Frozen Grapes                              Great Grape Smoothie    


Try these easy recipes for super snacks featuring grapes.  Think about adding grapes to fruit and green salads, and chicken, turkey and tuna salads, as well.  Grapes are also wonderful as part of a finger-food plate that includes lean meat and cheese slices, vegetables, whole grain crackers and healthy dips.




Here are 7 Ways to Add Grapes to Your Kid’s Menu:

                      - Serve grapes in place of French fries or chips

                      - Pack grapes in your child’s lunch box for a healthy snack

                      - Add grapes to smoothies, popsicles and Jell-O®

                      - Freeze grapes for a tasty, healthy, refreshing snack

                      - Add grapes to salads – kids will actually eat them!

                      - Place halved grapes on pizza for a California twist

                      - Serve grapes as an after-school snack


  •           Grape Tossed Salad                           California Grape Pizza            Graham Cracker Grape Sandwiches