Fresh Grapes = Healthier Menus

California Grapes Make Healthy Menus Easy

In the current culture of health and wellness, more and more consumers are seeking healthy options.   Fresh grapes from California are naturally healthy and can help you create “better-for-you” menu offerings.  Consider using fresh grapes:

      - As a healthy side offering

      - As a fresh ingredient to help reduce calories, sodium and added sugars


The Goodness of Grapes

- A 3/4 cup serving of grapes contains just 90 calories, no fat, no cholesterol and virtually no sodium.  Grapes are an excellent source of vitamin K.

- Fresh grapes from California are a natural source of beneficial plant compounds, including antioxidants and other polyphenols.

- Research suggests that grape polyphenols may help maintain a healthy heart.


  1.               Grapes to go                  Shrimp Thai Salad             Grapes as a side         Grape Relish with Salmon
  1.                                    option for kids


8 Ways to Boost the “Healthy” Factor of Your Menu with Grapes

- Offer grapes as the default option to French fries or chips with burgers and sandwiches.

- Add grapes to your salad bar.

- Offer a fresh cluster of grapes on your “sides” or “extras” menu.

- Add grapes to your Kids’ Menu: kids love them and so do their parents

- Roast grapes as the base for a healthful, flavorful sauce to accompany center-of-the-plate proteins.

- Combine grapes with other “power” ingredients – such as nuts, salmon, spinach and salad greens – to create a “super” healthy menu feature.

- Package grapes as a fresh grab ‘n go option or healthy snack: they are beautiful, portable and very shareable.

- Replace a portion of your chicken salad with grapes to reduce calories and sodium content.