Garnishing and Decorating with Grapes from California

Naturally beautiful, colorful and dimensional, grapes from California are the perfect garnish and decorative accent for banquet tables, baskets, platters and plates.  Here are 10 tips for the modern foodservice table whether it’s traditionally elegant, casual, homey or trendy.

Grapes in Lemon CupsCreme Brulee with Frosted Grapes

Lemon Cup Garnish           San Joaquin Sangria        Grape Creme Brûlée         Grape and Rosemary          with Grapes                                                                                                               Skewers


5 Tips for the Buffet and the Banquet

1. Use all three colors for colorful, beautiful and easy platter coverage. Large, full clusters provide an opulence and a sense of bounty when used in abundance.  Provide cut, smaller clusters in the foreground for additions to plates.

2. Add Frosted Grapes and Chocolate-dipped Grapes to desserts and to decorate dessert platters.

3. Create skewers of grapes with melon balls, strawberries, and pineapple and mango chunks for a unique and organized fruit platter service.  Arrange the skewers in pinwheels, like bouquets in vases, or skewered into larger fruits, such as quarters of pineapple with tops attached.

4. Embed place cards in small clusters of grapes.

5. Garnish punchbowls and glassware with small clusters of grapes.  They’re perfect for fruit punches, sangrias, fruit teas and cocktails made from grapes, such as our own California Grape Cocktail and Grape Daiquiris.


Chocolate Dipped Grapes

    Grape Table Scape                Frosted Grapes           Chocolate-Dipped Grapes      Grape Caprihana


5 Tips for the Table

1. Grape and Rosemary Skewers are aromatic, beautiful and edible.  They’re a wonderful garnish for meat, poultry and lamb dishes.

2. Frosted Grapes are a wonderful garnish for cakes and custards.

3. Chocolate-dipped Grapes are a delicious edible garnish for cheesecake, balancing the richness of the cake and chocolate with a fresh, juicy texture and slightly tart flavor.

4. Our Grapes and Lemon Cups are a natural with seafood entrées and appetizers.

5. Clusters of grapes are plate garnishes your diners will actually eat.  They add height and great coverage and are perfect with sandwiches, burgers, composed salads, pastas, omelets, quiches, center-of-plate proteins – you name it.  Use unattached loose grapes for adding to salads, fruit cups and sauces.