Seasonal Ideas

California table grapes are available nearly year-round, from May through January.  The growing season is long: with two grape-growing regions that have hot, dry summers and falls, the vineyards bask in sunshine that allows the grapes to grow large and plump with full bunches of sweet fruit.

Fresh and Fit for Summer

  • Add a unique signature entrée salad or sandwich with grapes to your offerings.
  • Capitalize on the classic combination of grapes and seafood: salmon, crab and prawns offer an array of culinary opportunities with grapes. 
  • Offer grapes as fresh side accompaniment to burgers and sandwiches – a refreshing option to French fries and chips. 
  • Launch Grab 'n Go Grapes, packaged for takeout.  We've got tips on merchandising for the greatest impact - click here
  • Put grapes on the salad bar, either loose as a salad topper or in clusters.
  • Include grapes as the fresh fruit option for catered boxed lunches.
  • Boost bar tabs with a signature cocktail that features fresh grapes.
  • Fresh grapes on your Kid's Menu will be popular with both kids and parents.


Finessing Your Fall Menu

  • Roasted grapes offer a rich intensity that complements an array of meats and poultry.  If you've never roasted grapes, get inspired and click here.
  • Innovative appetizers feature the classic combination of grapes and cheese in a new way: perhaps pizzettas with gorgonzola, roasted garlic and grapes or bruschetta topped with smoked chicken, fontina cheese and grapes.
  • Hearty entrée salads with intense flavors are balanced with grapes in the mix of ingredients.
  • Seasonal side salads are an easy way to incorporate grapes: spinach, pancetta, grapes and shaved parmesan.
  • Provide “bountiful harvest” packs of Grab 'n Go grapes that contain all three colors – green, red and black.