Foodservice Resources


Looking for inspiration?  Tap into some valuable resources for new ideas featuring fresh Grapes from California.


 Foodservice Guide   “Trends in Foodservice:  Featuring Grapes from California,” a free full-color booklet featuring tips and ideas on how grapes can, according to the guide, “Enliven the menu, elevate the fun and accent the plate.” Download or Click here to order print version.


Retail Foodservice Guide  "On Trend in Retail Foodservice:  Focus on Fresh.  Go for Global," a free full-color guide offers guidance for navigating the ever-changing world of retail foodservice, providing the latest trends and tips offering fresh prepared foods that will resonate with consumers.  Download or Click here to order print version.


Catering Guide  The commission also publishes a free full-color booklet for caterers, “Presenting Fresh Grapes from California for Catering Professionals.”  Download or Click here to order print version.


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Recipe Cards  Download Here