Healthy Eating Fact Sheets


Our new series of downloadable fact sheets is here! You are welcome to use these for your own information, content development needs or to copy and share with your customers.

Topics include healthy snacking, how to boost fruit and vegetable intake, how to make whole grains more enjoyable, the benefits of a Mediterranean based diet, and more.


Add 'Em In:  we all need to boost our fruit and vegetable intake and this sheet tells us how to do that.

Add 'Em In


Drink - and Eat! - to Hydrate for Health:  why staying hydrated is important, and how foods that are naturally high in water - such as grapes - can be part of a hydration plan in addition to beverages.

Drink - and Eat! - to Hydrate for Health


A Bunch of Cool Facts:   grape basics from how they are grown, how to handle and store grapes, and basic nutrition and health information.      

A Bunch of Cool Facts                                                       


For a Snacking Good Time:  why grapes are an ideal snack and ways to enjoy them.      

For a Snacking Good Time!                                           


Grape Goodness:  the health benefits of grapes including basic nutrition, an overview of emerging research on grape and health, and ways to make healthy foods taste better with grapes.

Grape Goodness


Grapes and Your Special Diet:  how grapes can fit into diet plans including diabetic, gluten-free, heart-healthy, and low sodium.         

Grapes & Your Special Diet                                     


Make it Mediterranean:  how and why we should all go a little Mediterranean with our diets.

Make It Mediterranean


Grapes Make Whole Grains Great:  why we need to eat more whole grains, what they are and how grapes can make them delish.         

Grapes Make Wholes Grains Great                                      


The "Go-To" Fruit:  how to transform your meals from "ho-hum" to "wow" with grapes from California.

The "Go-To" Fruit


The Power of Polyphenols:  the science behind grapes' beneficial natural compounds and their potential role in good health.

The Power of Polyphenols


Waist-Watching Tips with Grapes:   includes easy waist-whittling ways with grapes in meals in snacks.

Waist-Watching Tips with Grapes