Decorate with Grapes

7 ways to decorate with Grapes from California

Grapes from California are natural decorations that have graced platters, plates and tablescapes for many generations.  This delicious fruit can add beauty, style and color to your décor.  Use these décor ideas as inspiration for your next party or celebration.


Cake Décor

Red, green and black Grapes from California are the perfect décor for a simply-frosted cake.  Grapes add color and elegance to each tier and are an edible decoration!

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Set the Table

California grapes add color, texture and flavor to dining tables and work well with a wide variety of themes and color palettes.  From elegant weddings to festive dinner parties, grapes will be an unexpected and appreciated surprise for guests to nibble while they mingle.




Beautiful Bunches

A pedestal of California grape bunches makes a simple, understated look of elegance on tables and counters.  Their stunning beauty is shown as they cascade from a tall stand.  And this décor couldn’t be easier…with more than 85 varieties, just select your favorite bunches and set on the pedestal!




Roses are Red…Grapes are Too

No matter the color, California grapes are an excellent addition to floral arrangements, adding color, texture and depth.  Red, green and black grapes pair perfectly with a wide variety of flowers and greenery.  A floral arrangement with grapes is something beautiful to see and delicious to eat!




Just a Bunch

For those days when guests arrive unexpectedly, top a unique platter with just a single bunch of Grapes from California for a simple, striking design element on a table that appears to have been completely planned.  Guests will not be able to resist the tempting burst of flavor.




Vase Filler

Use California Grapes instead of glass gems or foam to hold flowers in place in a vase.  Grapes keep a floral arrangement completely natural and extends color throughout the entire vase.





Candle Holder

Candles stand taller with extra height from California Grapes.  Secure grapes into fresh frosting and allow to set, then push candles into the top of the grape.  It’s an extra special touch for a birthday celebration.

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